Valarhash, a one-stop digital asset service platform, has announced new mining machine hosting plans and services, internationally available since rolling out from the end of September. Valarhash aims to provide customers with one-stop mining services, competitive electricity plans, and professional mining support and maintenance operations, lowering the barriers of entry to mining.

“At the moment, most of the available mining pool hosting sites are located in China,” said Valarhash CEO Fiona Lv. “While based in Sichuan Province, our mining machine hosting services are available to international users who may choose to host their miners or join pools through any of Valarhash’s 9 global data centers.”

The mining power capacities of the hosting service are 100MW in hydropower and 100MW in thermal power, while the mining machines supported include the Antminer S17 series, Whatsminer M20 series, Whatsminer M30 series, Antminer T19 series, and the highly sought after Antminer S19 series. A minimum of 100 hosting machines are available for this plan while the stock lasts. The GPU graphics machine is also available for mining Ethereum.

The service provides customers with a steady source of electricity for mining, calculated seasonally with peak flood season electricity around 0.04 USD (0.25 RMB) per kWh and off-season prices around 0.05-0.06 USD (0.35-0.4 RMB) per kWh, or annually at around 0.05 USD (0.31 RMB) per kWh. Users may register at the Valarhash website and a representative will be in touch.

Stability is at the forefront of Valarhash services. In a recent interview with Binance, Fiona Lv said that with greater stability, mining could yield long-term investment. Since mining operations began in July 2019, Valarhash has launched 1THash mining pool and products linked to 9% hash rate, 1TMine cloud mining platform, and mining farm management software Nelson, which enables users to track data clearly, and optimize investor returns.

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About Valarhash
Chengdu-based Valarhash integrates mining machine sales, miner hosting, and mining pool and mine construction services. Led by CEO Fiona Lv, Valarhash aims to provide users with transparent and beneficial mining plans using advanced technology, with a lower barrier of entry. Business operations cover hardware research and development, digital asset transactions and 1TMine hash power contract sharing. With a leading position in the hash power market, Valarhash integrates frontier resources with global vision, linking physical and digital worlds with blockchain technology.

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