At the beginning of 2021, DTXS auction in Beijing attracted much attention amid the epidemic, the art auction in autumn 2020 and New Year 2021 was conducted in an orderly manner according to the prevention and control requirements.

The auction lasted two days, a total of 11 special events and 1,026 pieces of auction, a total turnover of 141 million yuan with a turnover rate of 73%.

Preparations for the auction coincided with the outbreak of the epidemic. In this regard, the organizers organized personnel to take hundreds of auction pieces to Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to tour in two roads, lasting a week, visiting six cities, a journey of more than 10,000 kilometers, so that local collectors can view the auction pieces in advance at home.

Influenced by the epidemic, many collectors cancelled their trip to Beijing to participate in the auction. The organizer conducted all-weather live online preview on the Baopai platform, and many collectors subsequently turned online to watch the preview and register for bidding.

At a time when the epidemic is disturbing, it is not easy for the organizers to stick to their commitment to the collectors and overcome many difficulties to hold the auction as scheduled.

The epidemic caused social alienation among people, but it did not stop people from yearning for art. Through online platforms, collectors bid in isolation, which achieved the same effect as live auction.

The success of this auction fully shows that works of art are value-preserving assets to resist the impact of the epidemic, and art auctions are ushering in a bright future to combat the impact of the epidemic.

In addition to ploughing the auction industry, DTXS also dabbles in other industries. The red wine business, one of the Company’s main businesses, has also made an important breakthrough recently.

In August 2020, the Company’s nearly 500-year-old Chateau Puy Bardens launched a series of 12 zodiac wines. On December 20, 2020, the wine tasting party of Beeton Hill Chateau was held in West Lake, Hangzhou. Guests tasted the wines of Chateau Puy Bardens and enjoyed the orthodox French Bordeaux wine culture. Subsequently, the appointment ceremony of the Ambassador of the Chateau Puy Bardens was held and the badge and certificate of the Ambassador of the Chateau were presented. This means that more tastes will represent Chateau Puy Bardens to promote a pure wine culture to Chinese consumers.

Up to now, 750ml red wine with 12 Chinese zodiac signs has attracted wide attention in the industry. It is the only wine with 12 Chinese zodiac signs produced by two masters in the industry. More than ten thousand bottles have been sold in ten days since it was shipped from France to China, and more than 20 new dealers have come to the door actively.

The Company stated that it will continue to focus on improving the zodiac series in terms of quality, taste and packaging, and strive to make zodiac wine into a famous and exemplary product in the industry. The Company believes that this innovative Chinese Zodiac wine will become a milestone in the development of wine companies and a marketing model for the wine industry.

As one of the outstanding representatives of French Bordeaux winery, Chateau Puy Bardens will devote itself to spreading French wine culture and sharing more fine wines to Chinese consumers under the guidance of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” modern Silk Road strategy. Through the accurate dissemination of 100 tasting events in 100 cities, it will further promote exchanges and collaboration between the wine circles of China and France in many fields, such as culture and training, business and trade characteristic tourism, etc. At the same time, it continues to understand and appreciate French Bordeaux wine culture from all directions and angles for Chinese high-quality people.

It is understood that DTXS’s listed Company, DTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Limited (620.HK) earlier successfully completed the capital injection and the stripping of old assets, to appear in the capital market with a new face.

At the same time, the company carried out a profound analysis of its own strengths and weaknesses, re-sorted property, auction and other business-related assets, and established the cultural real estate field as the focus of development direction. The company has been deeply engaged in the fields of cultural real estate and art finance vertically, and horizontally integrated the resources of the parent group DTXS, which has formed a unique competitive advantage.

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