Grab Launches Second Cloud Kitchen in Manila

Through GrabKitchen, customers can order from different restaurants and pay one delivery fee.


MANILA – A year after the launch of its maiden GrabKitchen branch in the Philippines, Grab today announced the launch of its second cloud kitchen.

Located in Sampaloc, Manila, GrabKitchen brings together eight brands to provide more food choices to consumers.

It also aims to provide food entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their brands in new locations with a lower setup cost and to reach a wider base of customers through GrabFood.

“GrabKitchen is a reflection of our desire to delight consumers and to support food and beverage entrepreneurs to grow their business in the digital economy,” Grab Philippines Head of Deliveries EJ Dela Vega.

The first GrabKitchen has enabled merchants to establish their brands in Makati, where they did not use to have a physical store, with minimal upfront investments,” Dela Vega added.

“We hope to bring the same benefits to consumers and businesses through the opening of our Sampaloc branch, “ Dela Vega said.

The opening of the Sampaloc branch comes nearly a year after Grab unveiled its first GrabKitchen branch in Glorietta 2, in Makati City.

It housed six merchants, most of which saw their orders grow significantly.

The second GrabKitchen features eight merchant-partners: Conti’s, Sinangag Express, CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice, Omakase, Mister Kabab, Army Navy, Pizza Telefono, and Happilee.

Dela Vega said these merchants will add variety in terms of food choices in Manila. Omakese and Happilee are opening their kitchens in Manila for the first time, while the others hope to gain more customers through GrabKitchen.

He noted that Grab considered several factors in shortlisting the merchants, including identifying the in-demand food items in the area and leveraging data from historical orders to address cuisine gaps.

GrabKitchen was a concept first introduced in Indonesia in 2018 and has since become the largest regional cloud kitchens operator in Southeast Asia. It has over 50 branches in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines. –