The Taste of China Arrives in Japan

The February 25, the Japanese special issue of People’s Daily Overseas Edition published a theme report titled New Overseas Chinese Launches Osaka ‘Tan Ya Xue‘ Under the Epidemic. This report occupies most of the page and is extremely eye-catching.

In the article, Huang Youzhi shares his entrepreneurial story in detail, from his life in Japan to the development and transformation of his career. He sincerely explained his original intention of bringing “Tan Ya Xue Old Hot Pot” to Japan. During the interview, Huang showed extremely keen insight and excellent strategic vision.

Tan Ya Xue Old Hotpot is a hotpot brand from China. With the traditional Sichuanese hotpot flavor, it has been widely loved by the Chinese people once it was launched. Relying on the product characteristics of special soup base and the innovative digital marketing, it has become popular in Sichuan and Chongqing in a short period of time, and then swept the country and the world. Today, the brand ‘Tan Ya Xue’ has more than 700 restaurants in China, the United States, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore and other countries.

The epidemic has affected the development of all walks of life, and the catering industry has been hit hard. Huang, who chose to lead the expansion of ‘Tan Ya Xue’ from Tokyo to Osaka at this time, said: “We originally planned to launch the Osaka Tan Ya Xue in early 2020, but the epidemic has broken people’s face-to-face lifestyle and business model. In any case, people have to survive the epidemic and cannot leave food. As new overseas Chinese raised in Japan, we should give something back at this time. We decided to overcome all difficulties. ” Huang also said: “It is precisely through the development of ‘Tan Ya Xue’ under the epidemic situation to help Japan, the “second hometown”, emerge from the haze of the epidemic as soon as possible.”

In China, the brand ‘Tan Ya Xue’ has been developed for many years. In addition to the taste, its unique dishes and the food culture are loved by Chinese diners. Nowadays, ‘Tan Ya Xue’ restaurants are opened all over the world, which not only satisfies the stomach of overseas Chinese but also relieves their homesickness. Talking about the development plan of ‘Tan Ya Xue’ in Japan, Huang, who is committed to bringing authentic Chinese taste to customers, said: “Bringing authentic Chinese food to Japan is a dream of mine.”

The opening ceremony of Tan Ya Xue Old Hotpot Restaurant in Osaka has received close attention from the Japanese people and has become a social hot spot. After the test of the epidemic, the Osaka restaurant will consider the local conditions, spread and avoid risks through diversified operations. In addition to Tokyo and Osaka, Tan Ya Xue Old Hotpot will successively land in Nagoya, Sendai and other places, and 25 chain stores will be planned to cover Japan.

Huang, who led the taste of China into Japan, became the representative of the new overseas Chinese in the report of People’s Daily Overseas Edition. Tan Ya Xue Old Hotpot, the brand introduced to Japan by him, also represents a kind of taste of China.

There is an old Chinese saying: ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’. The cooperation between Huang and the ‘Tan Ya Xue’ is a successful example of a strong alliance between individuals and enterprises, adapting measures to local conditions, advancing against the trend, and seeking common development together. In the future, more Chinese delicacies will go out of China, and the taste of China will become its new business card to the world.

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